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Disease FAQs - Schizophrenia
During relapses, people with schizophrenia usually need to be in a hospital or other . a stressful event such as losing a loved one or being the victim of a crime.

Mar 17, 1986 . SCHIZOPHRENIA'S VICTIMS INCLUDE STRAINED FAMILIES . A generation ago, a person diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenic was apt to . - Schizophrenia Stories and Success Stories
More Personal Stories of People that have Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Disorder . Website - Dedicated to Larry Robinson and the Families of his Victims .

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Schizophrenia - NHS Choices
A person with schizophrenia is far more likely to be the victim of violent crime than the instigator. Last reviewed: 18/11/2010. Next review due: 18/11/2012. Share: .

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You're not schizophrenic, great, move on. Your presence will not be missed, as we are here to support people who need/want help.

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